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T A C T I C A L    M A R R I A G E

May 1 - 4, 2025

3-Day All-Inclusive  Experience

Strange Farms, Ellaville, GA

Three Nights, 

Your Foundation For A Lifelong Transformation


Arrival Reception & Getting the Lay of The Land


Husband Only & Wife Only Sessions

This day is an opportunity for you to take time for yourself. A time to be real, authentic, transparent with yourself. Why are you were you are today? Where do you really want to be in your life? Let's seek God for your own healing first. You deserve to be the best version of yourself!

Tactical Focused Couples Activities

Today you come together on the range in the morning for some marksman pistol shooting and the afternoon will be an action filled opportunity to be active together as one unit. Then your experiences together will be strategically broken down into how it relates to your marriage and how to practically implement those lessons.

Back to Eden

Your weekend reaches its pinnacle with an encounter that transports you to the origins of it all! Uncover the purpose of your marriage, reconnect in a transformative way, considering all the individual and collective experiences you've shared as a couple and with other couples. Seize this chance to redefine your journey together and feel empowered to navigate it with joy!


Embark on a 3-night journey that redefines your relationship from the ground up. Our Tactical Marriage Retreat is not just an event; it's a strategic approach to transforming your marriage.

This 3-Day Tactical Marriage Retreat stands apart because we recognize that genuine transformation begins within each individual. Before addressing the dynamics of the relationship, we prioritize healing and empowering each spouse individually. This unique approach ensures that the tools provided have a life-long impact. You can't fix a broken marriage if you still have two broken people. By first focusing on individual healing, we set the stage for a profound shift in mindset, laying the foundation for a transformed and thriving marriage.

Experience Highlights


200 Acres to Ourselves

Nestled on a pristine private property with exclusive use for you, our guests, we will experience empowerment against the backdrop of a private lakeside haven. This retreat property has been dedicated to God and you will sense Him, your creator, in this place!

Modern Glamping

Your glamping tents provide the perfect blend of modern comfort amenities in the midst of natural beauty, offering an escape from the routine. Tent Cabins will be shared by husbands only and wives only. Intentionally providing time for individual healing and reflection, plus community building with other husbands/wives.

Specially Crafted Eats

Indulge in casually delicious meals and snacks, carefully curated for your enjoyment. All meals and snacks included. You will not only be fed emotionally, spiritually, but also physically throughout your time at the retreat.
Personal & Marriage Focused Sessions

Change That Lasts

By addressing personal hurts and false mindsets first, the tools and experiences provided for you as a couple become more than momentary fixes. They embed themselves in the core of who you are, ensuring a lasting impact.
Tactical Approach

Range Training 

We're revolutionizing relationship building! Beyond the excitement of other planned activities, discover the parallels between precision marksmanship and unleashing your marriage's purpose. All equipment is included.
Intimate Approach

Exclusively for 12 Couples

You will not be lost among a sea of other couples in a large conference room setting. Your unique story holds significance, and we are committed to embolden you as you discover and step into the purpose your marriage was meant to fulfill. This exclusive retreat is crafted solely for you and just 11 other couples.

Tactical Marriage Retreat

Valued at
$ 1 ,500 per person

Unlock a life-changing experience at an unbelievable price!

Our sponsors and donors have paved the way for you to experience this 3-night exclusive and transformative retreat, valued at $1,500 per person, for just $895 per person!

This is your opportunity to reestablish your foundation and ignite positive change in yourself and your marriage!

per person


Book before december 31 & save $100 per person!

early bird pricing

per person


Yes, We're In! Save Our Spot.
Travel costs are at own expense
Limited spots available – reserve yours now!

Seize this unique opportunity to transform lives.

(Travel costs to & from the property are at the couple's own expense)

$1 , 500

Per Person

Dock House

Natural Beauty

Glamping Tent

All Modern Amenities


God's Promises

Outdoor Range

Private Use

Range Time

Tactical Training

Lead Instructors

The Funks


Tactical Training


Leslie Funk


Our mission is to equip and empower YOU to experience true unity, emboldening your connection with God and each other. Allowing you to leave the retreat with that renewed sense of unity in your marriage and a shared purpose that will propel you, your marriage, family, and life to new heights.

Sponsor A Couple

Envision the profound impact you can make by donating to help a couple  experience this transformative retreat. It's not merely about saving or strengthening a marriage; it's about fostering a ripple effect that touches families, communities, and our great nation. 

Your support transcends individuals; it's a pledge to build a foundation for a flourishing society. Join us on this transformative journey, be a beacon of hope and restoration. Your generosity will impact generations.
Consider this – studies reveal that: 
* Businesses with employees in happy, stable marriages see an impressive 21% increase in productivity
* Communities with strong marriages experience a significant reduction in crime rates by up to 30%


We extend our deepest gratitude to the following organizations for their donation and commitment to helping us strengthen families and our community!
Register by December 31 and save $100 per Person!


Testimonials from our 1-Day Retreat in 2023


“It was a game changer for our marriage…it was a new phase of learning.”


“The connection it creates between husband & wife, & that confidence that they’re gaining together…fantastic stuff!”


“Our marriage was good, yet we didn't realize how much we really needed this!”


“Most men strengthen their relationship by doing things with their spouse…and to get to shoot with my wife…priceless!”


“This is also about the connection with my spouse & the fun we can have together.”


“One of the safest events I’ve ever seen.”

About The Founders

Raymond and Leslie Funk have been married for 13 years, and their personal testimony is one of God’s restorative power over their once-broken marriage. Their marriage is healed and whole today because they were led to first heal themselves before they addressed their marriage. And that is why this retreat is designed to follow that same process of restoration. They are committed to training up couples to defend their marriage, and their families, against the enemy that would come to attack it. To show spouses how to stay In The Fight…Together!

Raymond holds a firm conviction, based on the victory Leslie and he has seen in their marriage, that if God is in the center, and the spouses’ hearts are willing, hardship or discord can be overcome when the husband and wife are committed to do the necessary things. His heart and passion is for leadership and marriage strengthening, with a focus on equipping husbands to walk in their God-given identity.


  • Licensed Reverend
  • Certified Mental Health Coach with Marriage & Family Focus
  • Certified SYMBIS facilitator
  • Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator
  • Range Safety Officer
  • Pistol Instructor

Leslie is a warrior both in prayer and in wisdom, and her purpose is to give women hope. During the deepest moments of their marriage, including their separation, Leslie stood on Christ the Rock and God’s promises in His Word. She is living proof that no matter how devastated the marital condition might be, restoration, forgiveness, healing, and redemption of a joyful marriage is possible. Her heart is to equip wives to thrive in their marriage.


  • Licensed Reverend
  • Certified SYMBIS Facilitator
  • Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator
  • Range Safety Officer
  • Pistol Instructor


Do I need to own my own pistol?

No. Pistol rentals are included in the registration. If you would like to bring your own pistol, provide the details during registration. Be sure to read the laws for Georgia if you are not a resident about how to bring in your firearm.

Am I allowed to take photographs on the range?

Yes, as long as it doesn’t distract another shooter, present a hazard, violate trademark and copyright designs, or violate any of the Range Safety Rules. Please note, the event will have a professional photographer/videographer documenting the event. All couples will be supplied with a high-resolution image to memorialize their training day. You will be asked to sign a Photo Release Waiver.

Where is the property?

Strange Farms
300 Mount Zion Rd.
Ellaville, GA 31806

What if I have food allergies?

Please make note of your food allergies when registering to ensure accommodation prior to the day of the event. All food and snacks are included in registration.

Do I have to bring ammunition, or can I buy it when I arrive?

9mm and .22 Ammunition is included in registration. Unless you advise that you are bringing a different caliber pistol with you, you do not need to bring ammo.

What if I've never shot before?

Get ready to start loving a new sport with your spouse! The range portion of the retreat will only be 2 hours maximum. Everyone will  be out on the range to experience this aspect as it relates to marriage. Every leader on this retreat is a trained Range Safety Officer and safety is our highest pirority. 

Will we be indoors or outdoors?

The range and other activities will be held outdoors rain or shine unless lightning or winds pose a threat. Please plan accordingly with clothing and additional weather gear. Marriage and husband and wife only sessions will be held both indoor and outdoor.

What happens if there is a storm or rain?

The event will proceed whether rain or shine. If there is inclement weather that is unsafe to be outside, Three Cord Marriage will evaluate and adjsut the schedule accordingly.

How do I transport my pistol to the retreat and range?

Bring your UNLOADED pistol to the property (& then range) securely encased either in a gun case or bag. If you do not have a bag or case, coordinate with Three Cord Marriage prior to taking the pistol out of your vehicle.

Why can't I sleep in the same room as my spouse?

The property is a glamping retreat center which means there are no individual private rooms. We selected this venue purposely as it fits our tried and true approach of focusing on your own healing first. This shared sleeping space also allows the opportunity to build lasting friendships with other wives and husbands.
Listen to a Debrief of our May 2023 1-Day Tactical Marriage Retreat in this Interview by Sheepdog Marriage 159

Season 2 - Episode 6

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In The Fight... Together!

Join the mission to uphold the true essence of marriage and family in a world trying to redefine them. Strengthen marriage, defend the family, transform the community!
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