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We train you to move from living problem focused to walk in unity,
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A strategic 2-Day experience for couples ready for change.

The Reboot is Your Chance To:


The Married for a Purpose Marriage REBOOT Retreat is a private and personalized one-on-one proven process to help you connect in every aspect of your relationship.

This experience is designed to help you live your life by design rather than default. 

It begins with a two-day journey that will reveal where you are, what got you here, and ultimately move towards where you want to be. You will leave with actionable goals and a clear vision you have developed together that help you move towards united purpose. You’ll be equipped with “next steps” and can begin to live out God’s purpose for your marriage.
Followed by three-months of one-on-one coaching and a one-year membership to both Married for a Purpose and the Three Cord Marriage Alliance which includes:

Access to 5 Video Series with downloadable participant guides
24 LIVE group coaching video calls with the founders of Married for a Purpose including open Q&A sessions
Access to Expert Markman Video Call Archives
Live Expert Marksman Video Calls

This process is a wholistic approach which moves you into further clarity and breakthroughs in every aspect of your marriage (Personal, Marriage & Family, Career & Calling, Faith, Finances, Health, Lifestyle, and Communication).

You will explore...

Where Are You?

It's time to conduct a candid evaluation of your marriage, identifying what is working well and pinpointing areas that require attention.

What Got You Here?

This isn't about revisiting the past or reopening old wounds. It's about objectively assessing both the successes and challenges that have shaped your current situation. This approach offers a clear guide on what to avoid and what to embrace moving forward.

Where Do You Want To Be?

The most crucial discussions you can have are about the future you want to create and the legacy you aim to build. Establish a shared vision and purpose, and learn to advance together as a unified team.

and we will help bridge any gaps.

Raymond Funk

Raymond holds a firm conviction, based on the victory Leslie and he has seen in their marriage, that if God is in the center, and the spouses’ hearts are willing, hardship or discord can be overcome when the husband and wife are committed to do the necessary things. His heart and passion is for leadership and marriage strengthening, with a focus on equipping husbands to walk in their God-given identity.


Licensed Reverend
Certified Mental Health Coach with Marriage & Family Focus
Certified Married For A Purpose Marriage Reboot Facilitator
Certified SYMBIS Facilitator
NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
NRA Certified Pistol Instructor

Leslie Funk

Leslie is a warrior both in prayer and in wisdom, and her purpose is to give women hope. During the deepest moments of their marriage, including their separation, Leslie stood on Christ the Rock and God’s promises in His Word. She is living proof that no matter how devastated the marital condition might be, restoration, forgiveness, healing, and redemption of a joyful marriage is possible. Her heart is to equip wives to thrive in their marriage.


Licensed Reverend
Certified Married For A Purpose Marriage Reboot Facilitator
Certified SYMBIS Facilitator
NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
Registered Interior Designer, Florida

Three Cord Marriage Inc.

Exists to EMBOLDEN, EQUIP, and EMPOWER couples to experience true unity and live into their marriage’s designed purpose. We provide dynamic EXPERIENCES, strategic RESOURCES, and purpose driven COMMUNITY that strengthens their connection with God and each other.

This non-profit organization emerged from the Funks' divine revelation on their 12th wedding anniversary, that their ministry is to become their life's work. Their belief in the universal potential for marital victory, rooted in their own journey, fuels their mission to empower couples to fight for the sacred bond intended by God.
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Your Marriage Reboot will train you to

L I V E    B Y 

not by default

Are You Ready To Claim What You Want Most?

God has so much more for you.







Who can benefit from a Marriage Reboot Retreat?

Any couple aiming to enhance their connection, resolve conflicts, grow closer, or simply move up to the next level in their marriage can benefit. It is designed to support couples at any stage, it helps you build a stronger, more united team.

What should we expect during the Reboot Retreat?

You can expect a structured yet flexible approach that explores key aspects of your relationship, identifies growth areas, and applies practical strategies to strengthen your bond. The program is supportive and empowering, facilitating deeper understanding and cooperation between you and your spouse.

Agenda Highlights:

Day One:

8:30 AM: Breakfast followed by a devotional.
Deep exploration of relationship dynamics, addressing challenges and discovering pivotal moments.
Concludes with dinner and reflective homework.

Day Two:

8:30 AM: Breakfast.
Focus on defining and solidifying shared goals and future aspirations.
Leave with a concrete plan to foster a lasting legacy of love and purpose.
Schedule follow-up coaching calls.
Register for Married for a Purpose year long membership with monthly coaching support.

Prepare for a 2-Day getaway that transcends traditional workshops, offering a spiritual and emotional journey in a supportive, judgement- and distraction-free environment.

Be ready to be unplugged—NO electronics, cell phones, etc.

What is the Married for a Purpose Marriage Reboot Retreat?

Greg & Julie Gorman created this two-day, one-on-one marriage reboot retreat after years of working with couples who were struggling and ready to call it quits and couples who wanting to go from good to great. It worked for them all!

Do we need to arrange our own travel?

Yes. You will need to arrange your own travel. We are located 3 miles southeast of the Downtown Orlando City Center. The closest airport is the Orlando International Airport (MCO).

From the airport, you can UBER, Rent a Car, or we would be happy to pick you up and drop you off.

What if we can't attend after booking our Marriage Reboot Retreat?

We request a $1500 deposit at time of booking your retreat.

If you cancel before 30 days before your retreat date, $500 is refundable. If You cancel within 30 days of your retreat date, the deposit is non-refundable.

We will be happy to reschedule your Retreat Weekend at no charge in event of illness or something unfortunate coming up.

Is the Marriage Reboot Retreat only for couples in distress?

Not at all.

The Marriage Reboot is for marriages in all stages. Some couples want to go from good to great. Others are trying to discover new purpose as “Empty Nesters”.

If you are in crisis, this could be the very thing that God uses to breathe new life and hope into your marriage. You will understand better how you got to where you are and even more importantly, things to do to move forward together in your marriage’s purpose.

Where is the Marriage Reboot Retreat?

You will arrive the day before your reboot begins and we will host you in our guest room in our home in Downtown Orlando. 

We will spend 2 days one on one with you going through a proven process to help you learn to be purpose focused, not problem focused.

We provide the process, but you will provide the content! As your certified coaches, we will be there to help you each and every step of the way! Each couple’s story is unique and we are excited to get a chance to hear yours, and help you move towards what can be!

What do we need to bring?

The most important thing you can bring to your Marriage Reboot Retreat is the right attitude. An attitude that comes from the position of victory, that you are both more than conquerors and this is the opportunity the Lord is leading you to so you can experience true unity, while strengthening your connection with God and each other.

God truly wants to partner with YOU in YOUR MARRIAGE. MARRIAGE is BEAUTIFUL!

Please also bring comfortable attire, a journal, a pen, and a calendar to enhance your participation.

Be ready to be unplugged—NO electronics, cell phones, etc. during our time facilitating the process.

Will other couples be attending?

Great question! The only other couple will be your Coaches, Raymond & Leslie Funk. These 2-days are carved out specifically for you, to focus solely on your marriage, your purpose, and your vision.

How does the Married for a Purpose Marriage Reboot help strengthen a marriage?

The program provides a framework derived from proven business strategies, tailored to address the unique challenges of marital relationships. It guides couples through a process of discovery and connection, equipping them with the tools to cultivate resilience and navigate challenges together.

As licensed Reverends, and Inner Healing facilitators, we also usher in the Holy Spirit through prayer and discernment during our time navigating this journey with you.

What is the investment for our Marriage Reboot Retreat?

The Marriage Reboot Retreat, Meals, Snacks, Materials, Lodging in our home, Follow Up Coaching Sessions, and a 1 Year Membership with Access to both the Married for a Purpose Community Calls and the Three Cord Marriage Alliance community and support is $4,500*.

*Payment plans are available.

What food is included?

We provide all meals and snacks for the entire retreat. We communicate with you in advance of certain preferences and any food restrictions that you might have. We will take care of it all. You just can sit back and focus on your spouse.
We Are Ready to Reboot Our Marriage!
Book your free consultation with your Coaches, Raymond & Leslie Funk.

What would life look like if your home was filled with PEACE & LOVE? How would it feel?
How would that affect your KIDS? Your WORK LIFE? Your MENTAL HEALTH?

Can you see it? ... We can!


Our mission is to equip and empower YOU to experience true unity, emboldening your connection with God and each other. Allowing you to leave the retreat with that renewed sense of unity in your marriage and a shared purpose that will propel you, your marriage, family, and life to new heights.

In The Fight... Together!

Join the mission to uphold the true essence of marriage and family in a world trying to redefine them. Strengthen marriage, defend the family, transform the community!
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