SYMBIS – Premarital Program

Save Your Marriage Before It Starts

Preparing for a wedding does not equal being prepared for marriage!

Research conclusively shows that couples who succeed, gain the knowledge they need before they settle into destructive patterns that often lead to divorce. In fact, couples are 31% less likely to get divorced if they get some sort of pre-marriage training before they marry.

Not only that, couples who participate in pre-marriage programs experience a 30% increase in marital success and fulfillment over those who do not participate.

Whether it’s your first time getting married, or your last, our premarital program leverages the best premarital assessment tools combined with our real-life, real-time mentorship program. In it you’ll discover:


Your Personalities: Unpack your unique personality dynamics not only as individuals but more importantly as a couple.


Your Love Life: Cultivate deeper intimacy and enduring passion for a lifetime of pleasure and fulfillment.


Your Fight Type: Discover your “hot topics” and the secret of leveraging conflict for a stronger relationship.


Your Talk Styles: Crack the code for deep and meaningful conversations to enjoy heartfelt and lasting connections.


Your Deepest Longing: Create your ultimate soul to soul connection and discover how to infuse your relationship with meaning.


Your Money Methods: Kick financial friction to the curb and ensure you realize your shared dreams together.

As an added bonus, receive a 25% Discount on your first year of membership to the Three Cord Marriage Community to help you successfully navigate your first year…as you discover all the things you never knew you never knew about marriage and each other while building new couple’s friends.

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