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Free Resource

I'm Thankful For.... Printable

This is a fun way to share what you love and are grateful for in your spouse during the Thanksgiving Holiday. And, don't limit this to be used strictly with your spouse, you can do this for the things you are Thankful For in your life general, what you are Thankful For in your children, your family members, friends...use this resource creatively.


Set a timer for 5-10 minutes and write down the first things that come to our mind about our spouse that we are thankful for, that starts with each letter of the alphabet. Then once the time is up, take turns sharing your list.

We hope you have as much joy with our I'm Thankful For printable as we have over the years. Allow this to be an opportunity to connect with your spouse during this day of Thanksgiving.

You may discover, like we have, that at first it's not as easy as you thought...or time runs out before you get through all the letters. But that's ok!

Or, you may also discover some things you never realized your spouse adored about you, or that you were thankful for about your spouse until you were forced to think about it.

Click on image to download PDF file.


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